Added 8/2/2004
Several New Auctions on eBay!
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Added 7/8/2004
Check out the International Posters for the upcoming horror film SAW, due in theaters in September 2004. Check 'em out below!
Poster #1
Poster #2
Thanks CHUD!

Added 4/27/2004
Troia (Ink & Color)
Pinup Girl
Color Logo Pinup

Added 4/20/2004
2 New Art Auctions on eBay!
auctions end 4/25/04

Added 4/5/2004
Better late than never!
Added photos from the January 2004 Fangoria/Chiller Theatre Weekend of Horrors

Added 4/3/2004
Added new review - Hellboy

Added 3/30/2004
Store is NOW OPEN, with Original Art for Sale!
New Art Added: She Hulk

Added 3/24/2004
Added new review - "Dawn of the Dead (2004)"
Added "Reviews" button to menu

Added 3/13/2004
Added the first movie review - Secret Window

Added 3/12/2004
Started a new Poll and added a Poll Results archive

Added 3/11/2004
Black Widow (Ink)

Added 3/8/2004
Miss Money Vampirella (Ink)
Alisachan Tiger Girl (Color)

Added 2/11/2004
Martian Manhunter (Ink & Color)
Magdelena (Ink)
Power Girl (Ink)
Sentinel (Ink & Color)
Mystique (Ink)

Added 12/31/2003
Lobo (Ink & Color)
General Zod (Ink & 2 Color)
Goblin Queen / Madeline Pryor (Ink)
Mongul (Ink & Color)
Troia (Ink & Color)
Dawn (2 Ink)

Added 11/12/2003
Wolverine (Ink)
Death in the Family (Color)
Supergirl (Ink)
Darkseid (Ink & Color)
Braniac (Ink & Color)
Jasmine (Color)

Added 11/10/2003