LearArt.com v.4

Please allow me to introduce myself, Iím a man of . . . hmm, wait a minute . . . that sounds awfully familair. Anyway, welcome to my little BIO page, a place where the visitors to this site can get to know me a little better.

First things first, Iím not a big fan of talking about myself. But I figured, ďwhat the hell, just about every other artist has an ĎAbout Meí page on their site, why not me?Ē And the next thing you know, viola!, here it is.

So I guess some background info is in order, eh? Well, I graduated a few years back from Allentown Business School with a degree in Visula Communications, and I currently spend my days as the Art Director for a regional tourism magazine. Nights & weekends you'll find me hard at work at my drawing table, producing some of the best commissions your hard-earned money can buy.

You wanna know more? Really? Ok . . . I collect too many Star Wars figures, Comic Books (too many of those, too), DVDs (again, a lot), and Iím happily married (sorry ladies!). . . whew, I think Iíve said enough . . .

Until next time, make yours . . . LearArt!

Eric Lear
[email protected]